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A man dressed in a colorful 90s tracksuit top standing in front of a spraypainted Dunkaroos logo, holding the edge of his black baseball cap.A man dressed in a colorful 90s tracksuit top standing in front of a spraypainted Dunkaroos logo, holding the edge of his black baseball cap.

Frequently Asked Questions


I purchased “The Dunk” digital outfit, what are the next steps?

Sick! Thanks for purchasing! We’re so psyched for you and your wicked digital ‘fit. You will hear from a Dunkaroos Digital Fashion Representative in 2-3 business days from your order date with additional instructions. Please ensure your email was correct in your order, and if you need to update it, reach out to

How long until I receive my digital outfit?

Once your photo(s) are successfully submitted in the appropriate pose and format, our digital artist will begin tailoring our digital Dunkaroos outfit to them. You should receive a file showing off how the digital outfit looks on you by the second week of October, pending successful file submission.

How will I receive my digital outfit?

You’ll receive your digital outfit as an MP4 video file. This allows you to upload the digital outfit with animation to any social media you choose—just be sure to tag @Dunkaroos! Once you have your MP4 file, feel free to turn it into a GIF or static shot. How you share with your followers is up to you!

How can I submit my photos?

If using Dropbox request link: The email you receive from a Dunkaroos Digital Fashion Representative should include guidelines for taking a series of photos for our digital fashion artist to model your digital outfit on, as well as a file upload link. Please upload your raw photos directly to this link (please do not resize or retouch the photos, or send us a screenshot of a photo – it must be the original raw photo). This will help ensure the best quality output once we’ve modeled the digital outfit onto your photo.

If not using Dropbox request link: You can send 3-5 photos directly to and someone from our team will reach out there are any issues with the photos provided.

What guidelines do I need to follow? Is there a specific file format?

Please ensure images are JPG, PNG, or HEIC files (no PDFs, please). Uploading from your phone? You should be set.

How should I model for the digital outfit?

Solo-shots only. We know a crew makes everything better, but for this one, we really need you to be the star.

Dress for the part. Because we’ll be tailoring the digital outfit onto your photo, please avoid over-sized or baggy clothing as you model. No shoes either! To make sure we can feature you best, please make sure hair is pulled up or back so your neck is fully visible in the photo.

Strike the pose. Include one shot with your arms relaxed at your sides and a second with your right hand in your right pant pocket. Keep your shoulders straight. Please avoid twisting your torso. Make sure your legs are relaxed, but straight. Feet can be slightly turned out, shoulder-width apart.

Face the light. Make sure you face your light source. That way, you and your digital outfit can both shine like the star you are! Avoid shadows that fall onto you as much as possible.

Shooting on your smartphone? Use the rear camera (No selfies!). Be sure there’s no fingerprints or debris on the lens that might unintentionally add blur. As you pose, try to leave space on all four sides of you within the photo.

Why did my image get rejected?

In order to make your digital outfit look its best, we need to make sure it matches a certain set of guidelines. We may also reject a photo if elements of the background may be considered inappropriate.

I still have questions!

Word, we get it. Please reach out to and we’ll hit you back as soon as we can.


Are Dunkaroos back?

You thought it was gone for good? As If! While fans in Canada have been able to enjoy the treat more recently, the slam-dunk snack is making an epic comeback to the states with the most requested and beloved Dunkaroos flavor, Vanilla Cookies and Vanilla Frosting with Rainbow Sprinkles.

Who are Dunkaroos designed for?

Dunkaroos are perfect for anyone looking to enjoy a sweet, fun snack!

What flavor is Dunkaroos bringing back?

The slam dunk snack is making an epic comeback with the most requested and beloved Dunkaroos flavor: Vanilla Cookies and Vanilla Frosting with Rainbow Sprinkles!

When were Dunkaroos discontinued?

Fans last saw Dunkaroos in 2012 and after thousands of pleads to bring it back, we are excited to bring them out of the vault!

Are Dunkaroos Kosher?

Dunkaroos are now Kosher! Please always check product packaging for Kosher certification information.

When did Dunkaroos come back?

Dunkaroos made their comeback in 2020 and still have the same classic taste alongside some exciting new flavor additions!

When did Dunkaroos first come out and when were they invented?

The history of Dunkaroos goes back to the year 1990 when the epic snack was produced for the first time in the US & Canada.

Where can I find Dunkaroos?

You can buy Dunkaroos in the US in-person and online at selected retailers including Walmart, Target, CVS & Kroger.

Do Dunkaroos Need To Be Refrigerated?

The original cookie and frosting Dunkaroos do not need to be refrigerated. However, GoGurt Dunkaroos should be. If you have leftover Betty Crocker Dunkaroos frosting you would like to use in future, it can be kept well-sealed in the refrigerator for up to 30 days.

Do Dunkaroos Expire?

Yes, please check the box or carton that came with your Dunkaroos to see when they expire.


Where can consumers find Dunkaroos?

Dunkaroos are available at select retailers nationwide. Check with your local store for availability!


Did Dunkaroos change their recipe?

No, it’s the same great recipe you remember!

How many calories in Dunkaroos?

The number of calories varies across Dunkaroos products and can be found on the packaging or product pages here.


Are Dunkaroos gluten free?

No, the vanilla cookies are made using wheat ingredients.