Man with mural behind him that has Dunkaroos written on it.

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General Questions

Why are Dunkaroos being re-launched?

You thought it was gone for good? As If! While fans in Canada have been able to enjoy the treat more recently, the slam-dunk snack is making an epic comeback to the states with the most requested and beloved Dunkaroos flavor, Vanilla Cookies and Vanilla Frosting with Rainbow Sprinkles.

Who are Dunkaroos designed for?

Dunkaroos are perfect for anyone looking to enjoy a sweet, fun snack!

What flavor is Dunkaroos bringing back?

The slam dunk snack is making an epic comeback with the most requested and beloved Dunkaroos flavor: Vanilla Cookies and Vanilla Frosting with Rainbow Sprinkles!

When were Dunkaroos discontinued?

Fans last saw Dunkaroos in 2012 and after thousands of pleads to bring it back, we are excited to bring them out of the vault!

How will the Dunkaroos pre-order work?

On April 30, 5,000 lucky fans will be among the first to try the OG cookie and frosting snack of the ‘90s. Fans can head to to request a free pack of Dunkaroos to be sent to their current home address.

How many trays can someone get during the pre-order?

Every fan can receive one pack of Dunkaroos (limit one person/household) during the pre-order, while supplies last.

Are Dunkaroos Kosher?

Dunkaroos are currently not Kosher, however we’re working on certification. Please always check product packaging for Kosher certification information.

Availability & Cost

Where can consumers find Dunkaroos?

Dunkaroos will be available this summer at select retailers nationwide. So start practicing your dunking skills now!

When will consumers be able to get Dunkaroos once the pre-order sells out?

For those who don’t get their hands on the first 5,000 packs, no worries! Dunkaroos will be on shelves at participating 7-Eleven stores in late May and rolling out to other convenience stores and grocery retailers nationwide in July.


Have there been any updates to Dunkaroos ingredients and taste?

No, it’s the same great recipe you remember!


Are Dunkaroos gluten free?

No, the vanilla cookies are made using wheat ingredients.